Can being social, make you social?

I have a very interesting question... Can being social ONLINE, make you social IN REAL LIFE!?

This is a question I have often pondered while being deeply immersed in a song, book, or video game.
I understand why I'm not very social in my waking life. I have an album to share with the world, I'm searching 
for ways to make money, all while creating music, and playing games...

As you can see its very taxing. lol 

I always thought that If I'm not active in REAL LIFE social activities, then why post on social media?
Normally I would post only important things that would happen or share photos, and events with people
that I thought were catastrophic in some way... But that's all about to change.

I received an epiphany this morning. What if I post my daily on Social media? Why not share more songs?
more videos? more photos? and more moments? Not only as they come along, but to also show you more 
of who I am!

So today, in my first blog post, I vow to open up and let you guys inside the world of King Beautiful!

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